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Cairns Skyrail

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Skyrail is a 7.5km gondola ride over the rainforest to Kuranda. Two midway stations provide good views of the rainforest and the Barron falls.



The ropeway carries you above the treetops of the dense rainforest here, causing no disturbance to it. The journey itself takes about 45 minutes, but there are two places on the way at which to stop. The first is Barron Falls Station, where walkways lead to three lookouts over the Barron River, the Barron Gorge and Barron Falls. Located there is also the Rainforest Interpretive Centre. Since you have already paid plenty for this journey, there is no extra charge for this museum.


The route then continues to Red Peak Station, where a twenty-minute guided tour of the rainforest environment is available.


The Skyrail is located at the corner of Kamerunga Road and the Captain Cook Highway. (07 4038 1555)


Cairns Skyrail station


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