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Cairns Tourist Information

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Cairns Weather
As Cairns is located above the Tropic of Capricorn the climate is very tropical. Daily temperatures in winter, June to October are usually between 24 to 28 degrees and summer, November to May in the low to mid thirties. Summer, the wet or 'green' season is more humid and most of the annual rainfall occurs during the summer. Usually falling early morning, late afternoon or during the night. It is always wise to carry an umbrella for those summer downpours that can go as quickly as they come. Have a look at the latest Cairns weather.

Cairns Medical Information
Cairns has an excellent public hospital called Cairns Base Hospital, 07 4050 6333. They have emergency facilities. There are numerous clinics and surgeries in the Cairns area and a number of the CBD clinics operate 24 hours. Many people travel to Cairns to learn to scuba dive. Before starting your course you are required to undergo a comprehensive medical and a number of clinics in Cairns specialise in these examinations.

Cairns Newspapers
The Cairns Post is on sale Monday to Saturday and the free Cairns Sun comes out on Wednesday.

Cairns Police
In an emergency call 000 and for routine matters call 07 4030 7000. Cairns police station is on Sheridan Street, there is also a smaller Cairns polic station on The Esplanade.

Cairns Banks

All the main Australian banks are represented in Cairns and easy to find.

Cairns Post Office
The main Cairns post office is at 13 Grafton Street and a smaller post office in Orcahrd Palza.

Cairns is generally a safe city with a strong police presence. Of course you should take all the usual precautions, put valuables in a safe if available, don't walk in dark areas alone late at night etc. and you will have an enjoyable and incident free holiday.

Cairns Tourist Information
The main tourist information centre is at 51 The Esplanade, Cairns, (07 4041 0007).

Cairns Coastguard
For any emergencies involving boats call the coastguard on 07 4051 2192.



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