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Cairns City Attractions

Cairns hotels

The Esplanade
The most interesting street in Cairns is the Esplanade, with the sea on one side and a row of restaurants, hotels and backpackers lodges on the other. This area comes to life in the evenings, especially with the Night Market now held here.

the Esplanade

The Esplanade ended with a wall and mud flats below, not quite the romantic image which the city wished to propagate. The solution, it seemed, was evident and simple - construct a beach. What was once a grassy park is now a world class facility, featuring an outdoor amphitheatre, a large sandy swimming lagoon, grassy picnic areas, walking tracks, free public barbeques, children's playground, shops, restaurants, a Great Barrier Reef cruise departure terminal & an environmental interpretation centre, all right in the heart of the city!! The swimming lagoon is capable of accommodation 1,000 swimmers.



Cominos House

A traditional Queenslander built in 1877 and one of the oldest in the city. 27 Greenslopes Street, 07 4032 1368.


Shields Street
Shields Street is a busy and popular place. The central area is for pedestrians only, and this effectively blocks off the centre of Lake Street too, so that the section to the south is used as the local bus terminal and that to the north as a taxi rank. At night there are pubs and clubs thriving here and the area is lively, attracting crowds of locals and visitors.


Pier Marketplace
Next to the New Esplanade Project is the Pier Marketplace, a combination of marina and shopping areas. It boasts a diverse range of shopping, restaurants, a food court, tour booking lounge and much more. It also includes Undersea World, a living reef aquarium and is also the home of the weekend Mud Markets.

the Pier Marketplace

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