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Cairns Backpackers

Cairns hotels

Hostels in Cairns are mainly located in the centre of Cairns with easy access to shops, entertainment and restaurants. Cairns is a very popular backpacker destination and ideal as a place for visits to the Great Barrier Reef and to explore Tropical North Queensland.

Prices are great and you should be able to find a pre booked Cairns hostel from around $13 a night and a bit more more for a private room in a Cairns hostel. Click beloe to view the Cairns hostels we feature, they are the best in Cairns and all can be rebooked at great rates. Cairns tours should also be pre booked and is essential for trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Hostels

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If you are after backpacker information visit our sister site Backpacker Tours which has loads of hostels, tours, information and heaps of backpacker info. Enjoy.

Somehow, the words tropical paradise, always come to mind when thinking of Cairns . But the truth is, this North Queensland city is so much more than this.

Cairns offers so many memorable experiences it is no wonder many backpackers find themselves extending their stay here. Enjoying tropical year round weather, Cairns is a fantastic city to visit for fabulous food, nightlife and shopping. It is also a city bursting with cultural diversity. From its traditional Indigenous owners to the people from around the world who have come to call this place home, Cairns is a melting pot of people ready to share their cultures with you.

Backpackers will appreciate the range of accommodation options in Cairns and whether you are on a budget or looking for a bit of luxury there is something for everyone.

Cairns is also the gateway to some of the most stunning scenery you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing and for this reason alone it is a must see Australian destination. Imagine swimming, snorkeling and diving in the heritage listed waters of the Great Barrier Reef . Dotted with Islands for you to visit for a day or maybe longer the Great Barrier Reef is also home to a rainbow of fish and coral unique to these waters. And, when it comes time to emerge from your watery wonderland, head inland to explore some of the oldest rainforests in the world.

Located North of Cairns is the magnificent Daintree Rainforest. Covering 1200 square meters the Daintree is Australia 's largest Rainforest. Just like Cairns , the Daintree is defined by its diversity; in this case diversity of plants and animals. And on your way make sure you visit the beautiful seaside town of Port Douglas for shopping or a lazy lunch by the water and if it happens to be Sunday, check out the markets for everything from homemade soaps to Indigenous artwork, local handcrafts and souvenirs.

The Cairns hostel industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has come from being viewed as a sort of flop house or half way house for drifters and travellers with no money, to being a very profitable and consequently competitive industry. Backpacking has become a popular activity for tourists in Cairns. With its incredible scenery and vast landscapes, the great barrier reef, the local tropical rainforests, unhindered by civilization. Australia is a magnet for backpackers and nature lovers looking to experience the natural awe of Australia and experience nature in its purity. As a result of the significant increase in backpackers and overall growth of the backpacking industry, numerous hostels have sprouted up all over cairns to accommodate backpackers, as well as numerous improvements, often leaving even the more expensive hotels looking inadequate in comparison, despite their more expensive price.

Hostels are distinguishable from hotels by their shared accommodation attribute. Their main purpose is to provide housing for tourists and backpackers whose intent is to visit remote locations and spend as little money as possible; they are usually geared towards youth who are on a tight budget. The best area in Cairns to look for hostels is around the Cairns city center, this is where most shops and cafes are, and is generally regarded as the hostel district. Transportation is also close by, and within walking distance, this makes getting around easy and more affordable. The highest rated hostel in Cairns is the Travellers Oasis, it is a small facility with only 50 guests maximum, located in the a rural area with a pool, barbeque, not one but two fully equipped kitchens with a gas oven, internet access/Wi-Fi, Laundry facilities and a TV room with LCD and a DVD player. It is located in a central area of Cairns and very close to shops, cinemas, and the Cairns city centre. You simply cannot go wrong with travellers Oasis. Another prime choice is the Dreamtime travellers Rest, which includes all the amenities of Travellers Oasis, Airport transfer, 24 hour security, a jobs board and more. Both these hostels are critically acclaimed and won numerous awards for their impeccable service.

How to find the perfect Hostel for you
Hostels will be your place of refuge for the majority of your trip so it’s important that you get it right if you intend to have an enjoyable experience. There are a few things to consider when deciding on a hostel, what is the staff like? Do they have safety measures, safe places to store your valuables? What kind of people does the hostel attract? The best way to acquire this information is to check the hostels website. Most hostels have a website today as the hostel industry is a much more commercial enterprise, if the hostel does not have a website, you can always read the reviews posted online, or go the old fashioned route and give the hostel a call to find out the information you require. Your best bet is to stick to pick a general area where the majority of attractions are, and browse through the best hostels within that area. Of course you can’t go wrong with the hostel mentioned above, they provide a shuttle bus that takes you directly to the train station so you can get anywhere within very little time, a lot of prominent attractions are within that general area as well.


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